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Veterans Day Spotlight – Marques Crain

Posted: 11/11/21


Service Type(s): #Careers and Culture


Heritage is a proud employer of veterans around the country. Not only do they represent some of our top talent, but we recognize that transitioning back into the civilian world can be challenging, and countless skills and disciplines in the military that may not crossover directly still carry value that can be applied to the workplace. In honor of veterans day, we did a Q&A with our Chief of Staff, Marques Crain, about his experience with both the military and working at Heritage:



Q: What branch did you serve in and what was your job?

A: I am a Veteran of the greatest force on Earth, The United States Air Force.  I was an active duty Aircraft Electrician who primarily worked on cargo aircraft with the C-130 Hercules being my specialty.  The life lessons learned while being in the military continue to serve me daily and will likely do so for decades to come.  Teamwork, attention to detail, safety, respect, and professionalism aren’t corporate buzzwords on a whiteboard in the military.  You live those words everyday or people get hurt.  Sounds a lot like Heritage doesn’t it?!  Shout out and thanks to all of my fellow veterans out there!

Q: How do you feel veterans are recognized and honored at Heritage?

A: Heritage’s support of veterans is huge for me.  There are disciplines in the military that don’t necessarily crossover to the civilian world so Vets need companies like Heritage that will bet on them and give them a chance.  A soldier who was in the infantry or a sailor who was on a submarine has skills that every company can benefit immensely from, even if it doesn’t say so on a resume.  Their heavy involvement in Wreaths Across America is incredible, and brings families together across all of our offices to honor those who have fallen.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your career.

A: I’m currently the Chief of Staff for Heritage Environmental Services.  I’m a living example of the One Heritage mantra having started with ITSS for The Heritage Group almost 4 years ago.  Having served in management roles for large companies and a successful startup, I came to Heritage looking for stability and opportunity after relocating back to Indianapolis.  They have provided both and continue to allow me to be the best professional I can be.  I came in looking to add value and raise the standard of service as an individual contributor, then a manager, and now as a member of the leadership team.  I’m happy I made the choice to come to Heritage and never second guess the decision, even on the rough days.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Heritage?

A: Well this list is long but two things that I enjoy about working at Heritage are our commitments to the environment along with the commitments we make to our employees and their families.  Heritage has carved out a rare position of creating “win-win-win” business relationships.  When we enter a facility or boardroom….there is a great chance that the environment will win, our partner or client will win, and Heritage will win.  That’s unique and rare. My values or wishes for our employees are never compromised.  We’re always trying to do it the right way at every level.

Q: What would you say about the people you work with?

A: The people I work with and for are simply impressive.  Their intelligence and talent never ceases to amaze me.  I was once told that “a true genius knows that he’s not one but surrounds himself with geniuses and listens to them.”  I’m surrounded by some of the most intelligent and hard working people I’ve ever known.  Their subject matter expertise will continue to make Heritage the wonderful force that it is.

Q: What are some of the benefits of working for Heritage?

A:  I tell everyone that will listen that Heritage is the greatest company to work for on Earth.  Are we perfect? Absolutely not, but we’re working hard to be better.  Some of the benefits of working at Heritage are the stability the company provides for my family along with the ability to learn and grow as a professional.  The world has seen nothing but scary change after scary change over the last couple of years.  Knowing that I’m employed by the steady ship that is Heritage helps me sleep a little better at night.

Q: What would you tell someone who is looking to work for Heritage?

A: Come work for the best!  Our traditional operations are strong and we’re accelerating forward on several new fronts.  You won’t have to compromise your values and you can move the needle forward on your professional development or settle into a comfort zone that works best for your life.

Q: What advice would you give a new person in your position or at Heritage?

A:  Some advice I would give to a new person with Heritage is to bet on yourself because Heritage has bet on you.  Every day won’t be roses and unicorns and every coworker won’t be perfect but the simple fact that you’re here means you have the ability to make your career exactly what you need it to be for your life.

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