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Download the guide below for instructions detailing how to sign up for EPA’s e-Manifest system.

The EPA’s e-Manifest system has been in place since 2018 for all uniform hazardous waste manifests (UHWMs). Heritage Environmental Services is committed to a metered transition to a fully electronic system, and the next step in that transition is to discontinue mailing paper copies of completed manifests.

Generators and transporters must register for e-Manifest if they wish to view, create, and/or make corrections to manifest records. e-Manifest will apply wherever there is a requirement under either state or federal law to use the RCRA manifest for a VSQG waste shipment. As we move toward a complete electronic manifest, we encourage you to sign up for EPA’s e-Manifest system, if you haven’t already.

Additionally, please reference EPA’s FAQs for more information, including further details regarding record retention and distribution.

Did you know that you can also reference your manifests on EIS?

You can access your manifests directly from our Environmental Information System (EIS), in addition to other tools to help manage your wastestreams. If you are a first-time user, you can register today!

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