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Equal Pay Day – Spotlighting Our Female Drivers

Posted: 3/12/24


Service Type(s): #Transportation #Onsite Resource Personnel


It’s Equal Pay Day, and Heritage proudly emphasizes its dedication to ensuring equal opportunities for all employees and promoting a culture of respect, dignity, and inclusivity. Today, we’re highlighting three of our female drivers, who have all been with us more than five years. Beth Manns has been a driver for Heritage Transport for 8 years, Melissa Marsh is a Field Service Supervisor who’s been driving for us for over 7 years, and Lauren Winter is a Field Chemist II who’s been driving for us for just over 5 years. We asked them about their experience working for Heritage as women in traditionally male-dominated fields. Check out their interviews below:

How does Heritage provide a culture of inclusion?

Beth Manns, Truck Driver – We are respected equally and our pay is equal as well!

Lauren Winter, Field Chemist II: Heritage is very good about accepting all kinds of people. It never mattered to anyone at my office that I am the only woman working out in the field in the truck. The guys have always been respectful to me and have never underestimated my strength!

Melissa Marsh, Field Service Supervisor: Speaking for myself, I have been treated very fairly as a female driver. I’ve been involved in this line of work since 2007, and Heritage is definitely one of the best companies to work for.

What is your favorite part about working for Heritage?

Beth: I love being part of something bigger than me that advances the goal of protecting and preserving our world!

Lauren: I really love my team at the Boston office. We are all very close and have been working together for many years. I also enjoy how liberating the position is. When I am in the truck I feel very independent and in charge of my day. I like that I get to see so many places throughout New England and the country. I have discovered towns in my home state that I never knew existed!

Melissa: My favorite part is the comradery I’ve experienced here. Whenever I’ve run into anyone from Heritage, they will always wave and answer any questions you may have.

Do you have any advice for women considering getting into the transportation industry?

Beth: Sign up for everything you can! Get all of the training available even if it’s outside of your specific job! Learn to do it all!

Lauren: The biggest advice I can give is to never underestimate how strong you are. Never hesitate to try something new or attempt what seems like an impossible task. In the past I have been asked by workers at a site why my male coworker is doing the computer work while I move the heavy drums of waste. He told them it’s because I enjoy moving the drums! Don’t let anyone tell you are too weak for a certain job.

Melissa: The transportation industry can be challenging at times, but also very satisfying. If you’re a woman thinking about getting a CDL, I’d say at least give it a try.

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