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Solving Client Problems Through Innovation

Manufacturing is resource-intensive and requires significant quantities of raw materials, water, energy, chemicals, and labor. In addition, most production processes co-manufacture byproducts including solid wastes, wastewater discharges, and air emissions. The Heritage Research & Development (R&D) Team constantly innovates to reduce and control these impacts from manufacturing and improve production efficiency.

Who Is the Heritage Research & Development Team?

We’re good people doing great things. Through creative problem solving, we develop and apply transformative, technological solutions to solve our clients’ biggest challenges. We create and provide value to customers.

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    We are problem-solvers who create new ideas through innovation.

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    We continually challenge ourselves, through multi-disciplinary Teams, to think outside the box.

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    We formulate practical solutions to solve business needs.

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    Our collective, creative assessment processes spur innovative new ideas that help ensure solutions that create value today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

What Laboratory Capabilities Do We Offer Our Customers?

Our research facility is equipped with world-class equipment for analyzing, characterizing, and testing materials and solutions. Our capital investment in the laboratory equipment and personnel develops a wide-array of laboratory testing capabilities that we provide to our customers.

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    Laboratory Testing Capabilities

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    Equipment Highlights

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    Quality Assurance & Technical Services

Our R&D facility is centrally located in Indianapolis, IN.

Our customers can access our Research Team directly at this location or indirectly through our other Heritage facilities and service centers throughout the United States. We succeed when our customers succeed!

What Types of Services & Solutions Do We Provide?

We provide total solutions that create long-term value for our customers. Our goals are to transform your businesses and help you create value for your customers and markets. We want to be your preferred partner.

The R&D Team works with customers to uncover potential opportunities for alternative handling options from common waste treatment and disposal. At a minimum, our solutions embrace the pollution prevention hierarchy:

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Reduce Waste Volumes

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Reuse Materials for Beneficial Reuse

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Recover Materials for Beneficial Reuse

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Manage Wastestreams Through Treatment and Disposal

However, we strive to go beyond these concepts and help customers build cyclical solutions and programs that create new solutions, services, and products. To that end, we provide our customers with comprehensive Technical Solution and Sustainability Services.

What Results and Benefits Do We Deliver to Our Customers and Society?

We take our role as an industry leader very seriously. We help shape the world around us, positively and sustainably. We use life cycle thinking and thorough analyses to develop highly valued solutions for customers. These are services and results that improve the environmental conditions and communities where our customers live and work. We provide results that save money, reduce resource consumption, diversify supply chains, and improve our customer’s position in their respective markets.

We help customers reduce environmental impacts in multiple media (e.g., air, water, waste) and achieve tangible results:

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    Conserve Natural Resources

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    Explore Alternatives to Non-Renewable Resource Use

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    Control Emissions & Wastes

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    Development of Sustainable Products

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    Increased Process Efficiency

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    Decreased Operational Costs

What’s Our Client Engagement Process?

We focus on each customer’s unique needs through tailored solutions and account management. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with customers. The Heritage R&D Team can support your long-term success as an integral solution provider and partner.

Our comprehensive process is designed to build knowledge that supports a well-informed selection process, delivers results, improves efficiency, and saves money.

During client engagements, we deploy an iterative process based upon three primary, interdependent processes:

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    Client Engagement

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    Ongoing, Iterative Assessments

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    Identify, Test and Select Design Options/Solutions

Why Partner with Heritage Research & Development (R&D)?

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    Proven Experience

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    Commitment to Innovation

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    We Invest in Our People

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    Strategic Supply Chain Partnerships

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    Customer & Industry Partnerships

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    Strategic Investment & Capability Development