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veterans day


2022 Veterans Day Spotlight

Posted: 11/11/22


Service Type(s): #Careers and Culture


Heritage is proud to employ veterans at our locations across the country. We recognize that military experience comes with invaluable skills, from leadership and organization to problem solving and technical knowledge. In honor of veterans day, we did a Q&A with two Heritage veterans, Bill Cedoz from our Toledo, OH office and Jamie Allen from our Indy Field Services division, about their experience with both the military and working at Heritage:


Please tell us a bit about your career at Heritage. How long have you been here, what do you do,
what job you first started in, any other positions you’ve held, etc.

Jamie: I’ve been at Heritage since May of 2015. I started a Field Accounting Specialist I and have moved up through the ranks, FASII, Sr. FAS, & now Office Manager.

Bill: Have been with Heritage for 25 years, Started with HCC in Toledo then into Sales for HES and then into Operations

What do you enjoy most about Heritage and the people you work with?

Jamie: Heritage definitely feels like family. -There’s no other way to put it. The teamwork is like nothing I’ve experienced elsewhere.

Bill: The many different people and places to see and experience as well as the opportunities the company offers.

Give a brief description of your military experience (branch, general description of duties)

Jamie: I joined the Army in 2001, after a year of college. I was enlisted for a little over two years but unfortunately got medically discharged. I was enlisted as a combat medic.

Bill: I served 22 years in the Army as a 19D Reconnaissance Scout in the Cavalry on active duty and through the National Guard. I was able to travel the world.


Do you think Heritage promotes a good work environment for veterans? If so, why?

Jamie: Yes. Heritage recognizes veteran employees for their service and actively partakes in programs that promote and honor veterans.

Bill: That has been my experience they value the background and knowledge and personnel skills veterans may have

What does Heritage’s support of veterans mean to you?

Jamie: It makes me proud to work for and with a company who actively promotes and honors veterans. It shows that the company has some pride in their services and for their country that they are providing services for.

Bill: The support has been a large part of my career, HES and the employees have always been very supportive of me and my family any time I was deployed. As a result of the support I was able to serve in the military, be deployed as well as have and advance my HES career over the years.

Jamie Allen Army Veterans Day Heritage

Jamie Allen Office Manager

Bill Cedoz Military Veterans Day Heritage

Bill Cedoz Area Manager

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