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How We Do It

For Government Agencies and Private Companies That Want to Offer a Better Solution.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection events generate large volumes of waste for recycling while keeping hazardous waste out of municipal landfills. With over 20 years of experience managing HHW collection events of all types, Heritage Environmental Services has the expertise to maximize safety as well as efficiency. We generate site-specific plans for each location, with the ability to manage both permanent collection sites as well as one-day collection events.

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    Step 1

    Heritage sets up a collection site to accept the waste materials from local homeowners.

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    Step 2

    As the homeowners arrive, trained Heritage employees unload their cars.

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    Step 3

    The waste is initially segregated and sent to different areas of the collection site for repackaging.

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    Step 4

    Each individual packaging area prepares the collected materials for shipment, either though bulking, consolidation, or repackaging to ensure that all DOT regulations are met. In most states, this waste is exempt from the EPA regulations; however, the DOT considers this material regulated.

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    Step 5

    Once the waste is repackaged, the material is loaded and transported to the proper disposal/recycling facility for final processing.

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    Step 6

    All waste management activity is documented in our Environmental Information System (EIS) database, providing instant access to data and management methodologies for collected waste.

Our Impact

Did you know that most household hazardous wastes are recyclable?

Heritage partners with community governments and corporations alike to offer residents or employees greener landfill alternatives to disposing of household hazardous wastes.

We leverage our expertise and assets for government agencies and private companies that want to ensure harmful household chemical waste doesn’t endanger the environment that we all share. Our personnel mobilize for HHW collection events at parks, community centers, or fixed facilities — once or year-round, during business hours, or on weekends.

Our Commitment

You determine the need, and we provide the personnel, equipment, and proper management.

Our highly trained staff manages collected waste using our own treatment facilities and transportation equipment. This minimizes risk and reduces customer liabilities, provides the highest level of service, and is most cost-effective. We accept the following waste materials:

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    Automotive fluids (antifreeze, motor oil, gasoline)

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    Cleaning products (bleach, sodium hydroxide, pool chemicals)

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    Electronic waste (TV’s, computers, printers)

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    Expired medicine

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    Lawn and garden chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, insect foggers)

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    Mercury items (bulbs, thermometers, thermostats)

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    Miscellaneous (paint, batteries, propane cylinders, aerosols etc.)

We offer custom solutions to fit your needs.

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