Domestic Oil & Gas Company

Washington County, PA

The Challenge

To provide stream crossings over wetland areas and floodplains in order to reduce environmental impact.


With governmental agencies placing more emphasis on reducing environmental impact,  water transfer companies need to develop more efficient methods to route their pipe through wetland areas.


By using  an airbag system,  wooden cribbing and high strength aluminum trusses, Solid Oak Set Up Crews are able to span waterways, wetlands, and other protected wildlife areas with no impact to these ecosystems. A detailed pipe inspection schedule ensures that pipe is free of damage and prevents leaks, spills, and impact to the environment.


By combining detailed standard operating procedures and routine inspections with our skilled personnel, Solid Oak has been able to operate with zero DEP recordable spills. Because of our success, the DEP requires all other transfer companies to complete stream crossings to the Solid Oak standard.


Steam crossings throughout the region reduce our environmental footprint in the region.


DEP Recordable Spills