Secure RCRA Subtitle C Landfill

Heritage Subtitle-C Secure RCRA Landfill

Heritage Subtitle-C Landfill, Roachdale, IN

The Heritage RCRA Hazardous Waste Landfill is located on 1000 acres of company owned and managed property near Roachdale, Indiana.  Heritage currently operates a RCRA Landfill at this location.  With solidification, stabilization and special debris management capabilities, Heritage can provide the complete package of landfill disposal services.  When combined with our rail and truck logistics support, our service area covers a large portion of the United States.

Hazardous Waste (Subtitle C)

The Heritage Landfill is permitted to accept a broad range of waste codes to serve all types of industry.  Our high operational capacity is well suited for the large volume soil and sediment remediation projects.

  • 16 million cubic yards of permitted capacity
  • Can accept materials that have been solidified, stabilized, and/or encapsulated to meet Land Disposal Restrictions
  • Can accept solid and debris wastestreams
  • Can accept waste under CAMU (Corrective Action Management Unit)
  • Can accept "Mega Rule" PCB remediation wastes

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