Joint Venture Facility Announced

On January 9, 2019, Nigel Morrison, Darci Ackerman and representatives from Zinc Nacional, together with the Mayor of Muncie, announced the intention of our joint venture company, “Waelz Sustainable Products LLC” (WSP), to build a state-of-the-art Waelz Kiln facility in Muncie, Indiana.  Several sites throughout the Midwest were considered since our initial public announcement over the summer and ultimately the former Borg Warner industrial site in Muncie was selected.  We’re bringing jobs and purpose back to an abandoned property; while creating welcome competition in the zinc recovery market for our steel customers.

WSP will support the metals sector by providing a sustainable manufacturing solution for steel byproducts. Waelz Kiln technology is a proven process for manufacturing valuable zinc from a byproduct of the electric arc furnaces operated by steel mini-mills.  Zinc is widely-used in numerous applications such as galvanizing (i.e., protecting) steel, tire and rubber, ceramics, lubricants, motor oil, ointments and more.

More details are provided in the press release developed by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation in collaboration with Zinc Nacional, Heritage, and the City of Muncie.