Heritage Thermal Services supports local United Way campaign with annual donation, billboard promotion

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio – Heritage President of Incineration Services Christopher Pherson presents the facility’s $2,500 donation to Candy Faloon, executive director of the United Way of Southern Columbiana County. Joining them is Karen Montgomery of Heritage who also serves on the United Way’s board of directors.

The company is a long-time donor to the local United Way, which supports 10 front-line agencies that provide important social services to those in need. Now, perhaps more than ever, the local chapter needs community support to fulfill its mission. The pandemic has caused the cancellation of several fundraising events and the chapter must now count on donations from companies and individuals to meet its goal of raising $90,000.

To help build awareness, Heritage has donated its billboard in East Liverpool’s East End to highlight the campaign. Thousands of motorists pass by the billboard daily.

Heritage billboard promotes United Way fundraising campaign

Heritage billboard promotes the United Way fundraising campaign. 

Heritage helps Stop the Bleed in Columbiana County, Ohio

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio – Heritage is dedicated to health and safety through emergency preparedness at all its locations. That commitment also extends into the communities where Heritage operates.

When officials of the Columbiana County Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, expressed their intent to introduce the trauma-awareness program called Stop the Bleed, officials at the Heritage Thermal Services incineration facility here did not hesitate to respond. The company donated $3,000 so the CERT could acquire training kits and related equipment.

“No matter how rapid the arrival of professional emergency responders, bystanders will always be first on the scene,” Debra Moore, CERT program manager, said. “Those nearest to someone with life-threatening injuries are best positioned to provide first care.”

The Stop the Bleed program is a collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies. Stop the Bleed trains ordinary citizens who may be present and a single- or mass-casualty incident to stem severe bleeding in the victim or victims before professional medical- and emergency-responders arrive on the scene. More information is available at: Stop The Bleed.

The CERT announced the donation during a recent meeting of the East Liverpool Rotary Club of which Heritage is a member. Team members also demonstrated the proper use of tourniquets and other first-aid resources to the Rotarians.

According to the CERT: “In Columbiana County, we work under the Emergency Management Agency (EMA). We do not self-deploy for emergencies; instead, we make sure that our own families and neighborhoods are safe and deploy when called out by the EMA.”

2017 Wreaths Across America

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – Heritage just completed the 2017 Wreaths Across America.  We honor all veterans who have served our country, including those we employ.  By participating in Wreaths Across America (#WWA2017), we can especially pay respect to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.   We are proud to honor a past employee, Dan Phillips, who was a Project Manager in Lemont, Illinois and is currently laid to rest in Abraham National Cemetery.  We also honored our employee’s relatives including: the grandfather of Nicole Reinsma, the father of David Hughes, the uncles of Tom Weaver and the father of Greg Cockream.

2017 Wreaths Across America Event Details

Heritage had four different trucks picking up wreaths in Maine and Missouri and delivering to National Cemeteries in Arizona and Illinois.  Our first truck left from Indianapolis, Indiana to Columbia Falls, Maine on December 6th with the rest that left on December 11th for St. Louis, Missouri.  Employee volunteers laid wreaths in Illinois and Arizona on Saturday, December 16th, 2017.

We started a tradition three years ago of imprinting trailers with full images that help to share the Heritage Vision and values.  Our 2015 truck wrap depicts our environmentally friendly nature and boasts that “Every Day is Earth Day” (#HeritageEarthDayTrk1).  The 2016 truck is dedicated to our value that “Integrity Matters” and shows our patriotism with the US flag superimposed on the mountains (#HeritageIntegrityTrk2).  In 2017, our newest image is all about safety and service.  It depicts the Scituate Lighthouse on the east coast and almost directly across the country on the west coast, the North Head Lighthouse in Washington (#HeritageSafetyTrk3).  While Heritage has operated facilities in California for many years, we just opened a new Service Center in Seattle, WA last month.  Watch our social media for a photo shoot in WA.  The fourth truck that rounded out our activities this year is from our recent acquisition out of Benton, Arkansas (#HeritageRinecoTrk4).  Each of the four trucks were followed individually on social media using the hashtags above to that all of our employees could participate in each step of the journey.

The four trucks, driven by our veteran drivers, completed 6,750 miles, combined.

We are excited to continue participating in Wreaths Across America for many years to come.

Enjoy our YouTube video with photos and video from our journey.

Boys and Girls Club of Saline County Donation

BENTON, Arkansas – Today, Heritage made a significant donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Saline County. The club is considered a second home to over 600 children each day. They provide a place for the kids to eat a hot meal, complete their homework, enjoy arts and crafts, learn important life skills and most importantly, they have fun. Heritage is proud to contribute to the Boys and Girls Club of Saline County’s relentless pursuit to meet the needs of vulnerable kids in our community.