Heritage Receives 2020 EBJ Business Achievement Awards



San Diego, Calif. (February 26, 2021)Environmental Business Journal® (EBJ), a business research publication which has provided strategic business intelligence to the environmental industry since 1988, has honored Heritage Environmental Services (Heritage) with 2020 EBJ Business Achievement Awards for COVID Response Services, Battery Recycling (New Practice Area), and a 50-Year Recognition.

“2020 was certainly an exceptional year for our society, the economy and the environmental industry,” said Grant Ferrier, president of Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI, Inc.), and editor of Environmental Business Journal. “Unique enough that we added two major categories to the EBJ Awards: COVID Resilience that recognizes companies that adapted to work-at-home, travel, field services and other restrictions, as well as rapidly changing client needs; and COVID Response that recognizes companies that developed or accelerated new business initiatives, innovations and entire business units to support the environment, health & safety needs of their diverse client sectors.”

Throughout the pandemic, Heritage has actively provided response services to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Services include both routine and emergency disinfection in addition to regular hazardous, industrial and medical waste transportation and disposal. Heritage developed a program to ensure safe, secure transportation and disposal of PPE, diverting this wastestream from landfills to an energy recovery facility to be thermally destroyed.

“I’m proud of how our team continued to service customers with their everyday waste needs while stepping up to perform thousands of COVID disinfecting jobs, helping them keep their companies, employees, and clients safe,” said Rudy Streng, Senior Vice President at Heritage. “We also collected N95 masks from hundreds of hospitals across the country, took them to disinfection facilities, and safely returned them to those front line workers.”

Heritage was recognized by EBJ with a 50-Year Recognition award, honoring environmental industry firms founded in 1970. Partnering with innovative organizations and launching a new division, Heritage Battery Recycling, is one of many steps the company is taking to ensure the business sustains its track record of success for another 50 years. Heritage has positioned itself to be on the cutting edge of electronic vehicle battery reuse and recycling, receiving an EBJ award for this New Practice Area.

About Heritage Environmental Services, Inc.

Heritage Environmental Services is a privately held, family-owned environmental services business with more than 1,600 employees across North and Central America. The company provides a full suite of tailored solutions from emergency response, waste disposal, and sustainability services to on-site support and technical solutions to thousands of customers in hundreds of industries and verticals. Throughout its 50-year history, Heritage Environmental Services has prioritized the safety of its employees while pursuing its purpose of protecting human health and the environment.

Adapting Services During COVID-19

Like many companies, “business as usual” changed significantly for Heritage with the arrival of COVID-19. Our Interactive team developed some new solutions to save customers money and efficiently provide services due to these changes.

One of our customers in the oil and gas industry had a very large upcoming project. During a more normal time, one of our account managers would have flown to the site and walked it in person to ensure a full understanding of both the scope and location of the waste needing to be removed. Due to COVID-19 this wasn’t possible, so as an alternative, one of our employees proposed a virtual tour, which was extremely well received.

This went far beyond walking the site with a smartphone.  The proposed idea included the customer sending over the technical drawings for the site that could be compared with satellite images. This in conjunction with a site contact walking to each part of the facility via live stream provided an extremely in-depth review. In addition to being able to visualize the site via the satellite images and the live stream, we were also able the see technical details such as the storage tanks, where the piping was and where we could store the waste.

As a result of this virtual visit, our team was able to provide insights for the upcoming project that would not have been possible without the combination of the technical drawing, satellite images and live stream. The customer was impressed with the efficiency of this method and suggested this process to other locations.

Site walks weren’t the only aspect of our business that we adapted during the pandemic. As more people started to work from home and everyone was traveling less, we found that our customers were not in need of our services as often due to cutbacks or decreased production. Especially with customers in industries like oil and gas, where production was being scaled back to compensate for lower demand, our services were needed on a smaller or less frequent scale. We decided to evaluate our on-site services to determine which could potentially be scaled back and save our customers money.

After reviewing and estimating potential cost savings for each site for a few of our key customers, we reached out to our site contacts to explain our idea. Our customers were overjoyed that we had taken the extra step to find them additional saving when they most needed.

As a result of scaling back services such as trash pickups (we also removed unneeded containers providing monthly rental savings), parts washer servicing, used oil/antifreeze pick up, and pit and trenching cleaning, we were able to provide significant savings, especially at the larger facilities.

Transportation of Alcohol (Ethanol or IPA) Based Hand Sanitizer in the Era of COVID-19

Donating Critical PPE & Supplies to Local Businesses

When so many critical facilities are experiencing a shortage of necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation supplies, several Heritage locations have stepped up to share.

An employee from our Interactive team shared that a local Indianapolis-area hospital where his wife works had a PPE shortage; “I received word last night that they are currently running very short on gowns to be used in the areas where they are caring for confirmed cases and are reaching the point of beginning to plan for carrying out their duties with limited or recycled PPE,” he said.

With the help of our Supply Chain Director, we were able to purchase and donate 1,050 protective suits to use in place of medical gowns for hospital personnel to the hospital.

In Benton, Arkansas, our team donated single use aprons, nitrile gloves, N95 masks and alcohol wipes to the  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).  In the words of VP Ryan Dossey, “The doctors and nurses on the front line deserve the best support that we as a community have to offer and donating PPE to keep them safe in this fight is of utmost importance in these trying times.”

In East Liverpool, an assisted-living facility near our incinerator was reaching out to local businesses and organizations for help sourcing hand sanitizer, a vital resource in this coronavirus environment. Its supplies were running low, retail stocks were depleted, and its pending orders were uncertain.

After reviewing their inventory, our facility was able to assist by donating several boxes of hand sanitizer. Chris Pherson, President of Heritage Thermal, presented the donation, distanced appropriately, to the facility, which is in neighboring Beaver County, Pa.

We can get through this challenging time by working together and supporting our local communities – if you or your company has a surplus of supplies, please consider donating to local businesses who need it.

Heritage Executives Complete Coronavirus Field Training

Heritage is Ready to Respond: Executives Complete COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Disinfection Training to Join Essential Employees in the Field

Our leaders made a commitment that they would never ask our employees to do anything they would not do themselves and during the Coronavirus pandemic, President and CEO Jeff Laborsky wants Heritage employees to know things are no different. “We’re here today to do our training so that we can get out in the field, and work alongside our folks.” Our services in waste transportation, treatment, and disposal, along with our Emergency Response decontamination and business continuity services are considered essential during this pandemic, and earlier this week Jeff and other members of our leadership participated in COVID-19 Response Training, completing respirator fit tests and learning how to properly use the PPE and equipment to disinfect a wide range of facilities. They’ll be visiting our plants, going out in the field, and working with our emergency response teams to assist the Coronavirus response, in person, on the ground.

Our team has responded to factories, office spaces, airplanes, schools, and universities, and are prepared to help, no matter what industry you’re in. We developed our procedures and are using disinfection chemicals based on CDC and EPA guidelines. Check out the video below for comments from our executive leadership team and some of the training they went through.