Essential Services Information

As businesses and organizations continue to shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our team here at Heritage wants to assure you that we continue to operate on a normal schedule and at full capacity. We remain your dedicated partner in Environmental Services.

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC and our affiliate and subsidiary companies (Solid Oak, Heritage Transport, LLC, Heritage Interactive Services, LLC, Rineco Industrial Services, LLC and Heritage Thermal Services, Inc. (collectively “Heritage”),  have been designated as a provider of Essential Services by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as part of the essential critical infrastructure workforce and defense industrial base, as a service provider performing functions in support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (and analogous state agencies) and its primary mission essential functions relating to responding to environmental and health threats, including but not limited to:

We serve customers in every state, and as such we are authorized to operate throughout the country.

We are adhering to our first value of operating in a Safe and Compliant Manner; all employees whose job functions enable them to do so are now telecommuting, and our field operations have implemented sanitation and safety measures that meet or exceed the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible and keep our employees safe.

We recognize governmental directives from various states have caused a great deal of concern and confusion regarding each company’s role and designation relative to those announcements. We urge your company to closely consider its status and work with appropriate government entities to identify your support of Heritage as an essential business to the overall defense, infrastructure and supply chain.

As a customer to Heritage, we also request that any critical decisions your company may take regarding your ongoing operations and capability to support Heritage, be communicated directly to your Heritage Rep.  Again, we appreciate your continued support and will continue to communicate with you concerning our plans as the situation evolves.