Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Lafayette, IN

The Challenge

In the early 2000s, Subaru announced their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. In 2002, over 800 acres of Subaru property were designated as a National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat, a first bestowed on an automotive manufacturing site. To continue their CSR and to align themselves with the environmental goals of their parent company, Subaru set a five year goal to become the first auto manufacturer to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL).


Heritage assisted Subaru in the education of the facility’s employees. Recycling stations were placed around the facet of operations and were made consistently identifiable. We developed a detailed system for tracking the collected materials and customized the reporting to allow the individual manufacturing area management to review and solicit suggestions from everyone involved in the process – including the line side associates.


Our role in developing and maintaining an efficient and audited process – complete with secondary options and redundancies to eliminate potential interruptions – allowed Subaru to focus on their core competencies in the quality manufacture of an award-winning product line. Our onsite management and logistics abilities blended seamlessly with a variety of new and existing waste technologies, adapting to new environmental situations, and continuously evaluating operations using the Heritage patented AIM process. Over time the Heritage role continued to develop further… to include composting of cafeteria waste, and even working with new suppliers to review/modify shipping containers and packaging before it is ever delivered to Subaru.


Heritage helped Subaru to reach their five year goal of zero landfill in approximately 18 months. Subaru was the first automotive assembly plant in the country to achieve this coveted environmental accomplishment and also to win the State of Indiana Governor’s Award for Manufacturing Recycling.


CO2e carbon saved is the equivalent of 4,846 acres of U.S. forest annually


CO2e carbon saved is the equivalent of 662,591 gallons of consumed gasoline annually


CO2e carbon saved is the equivalent to 1,229 passenger vehicles on the road annually

“We put nothing in any landfill and haven’t since May 2004. They (Heritage) do things manufacturers might not think of or have time to handle, like assisting with the process of getting suppliers to use recyclable materials. They simply provide a tremendous service.”

– Tom Easterday
Senior Vice President, Subaru of Indiana Automotive