A Multi-National Oil & Gas Company

United States

The Challenge

When a major oil spill struck the Gulf Coast of the United States, Heritage was called in to lead part of the emergency response. Cleanup began even before the spill was fully contained, employing hundreds of thousands of feet of plastic boom to soak up oil on the surface. Every day, used boom was piling up and needed to be disposed of. Traditional disposal into landfill would take hundreds of years to begin to break down. There had to be a better solution.


Heritage went to work to find a solution that would keep the oil-laden boom out of a landfill – one that would require a lot of cooperation. First, the boom had to be collected and cleaned. Then, a moldable polymer would have to be created and engineered for reuse. Finally, a vendor somewhere would need to purchase the parts. Even though the moving pieces were quickly identified, it was still a lot of work, and hundreds of feet of used up boom was piling up every day.


For Heritage, the answer was to involve as many experts as possible who were willing to be a part of this important recycling project, acting as a key player in a process that involved six separate companies. Heritage managed the collection, transportation, and storage of the used oil boom. Another company dried them out, and two more developed the resin that could accommodate the recycled material and create a usable product out of it. The end product became a part of the Chevy Volt.


The real, applied commitment to sustainable practice by a group of like-minded corporations ended up saving more than 100 miles of used boom from going to landfill. It’s a testament to what can be accomplished when the companies involved all acknowledge their role in doing the right thing.

100+ Miles

Used, plastic boom recycled


Pounds of plastic resin produced for Chevrolet Volt parts


Equivalent passenger vehicles on the road