A French Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Southeast, US

The Challenge

A pharmaceutical distributor was struggling to find better solutions to their wastestream that also fit within the strict limitations placed upon them by the city. This distribution center turned to Heritage to help find solutions to the large amount of contaminated material they had been discarding every year.


Heritage partnered with the pharmaceutical distribution center to improve employee education regarding recycling and waste management. Heritage provided better visibility into proper labeling and identification of the waste coming out of this facility, which led to more accurate reporting, and streamlined the waste management process.


Heritage worked with this pharmaceutical distribution center to create better visibility into the labeling of their waste. More accurate reporting and better understanding of materials that could be reused helped this distribution center drastically improve their recycling process. Co-mingling materials caused clean cardboard to be labeled as contaminated and sent to landfill. Once Heritage assisted with better waste segregation practices, the wastestream was reduced by 162 tons annually.


Heritage helped this distribution center improve their recycling by over 200%, while reducing spend by 50%. Heritage continues to make an impact by evaluating and monitoring the site’s needs and waste data, to continue to ensure the right service solutions are provided and company goals are met.

162 tons

Reduction in waste sent to landfill


Increase in recycling


Reduction in spend on waste management