An American Department Store

Southwest, US

The Challenge

A major clothing, furniture, and home goods retailer was looking for a trustworthy partner to manage their waste programs and alleviate the burden of meeting compliance standards. Heritage helped them to understand all federal and state level rules to develop consistent program from the ground up. For over a decade now, the retailer has remained in compliance with a safe and easy to use program for all associates.


Heritage partnered with this nationwide retailer to create a streamlined and easy to use waste collection program across their 1100+ sites. This program was developed to keep all associates safe and the stores in compliance. We also offered transparency of records and documentation so all personnel managing the program knew when and where their waste was in the transportation and disposal process. Heritage offers this retailer the opportunity to become more visible of waste management innovations and compliance regulations at our RCRA/DOT training sessions as offered to all sites and employees. This dedication to transparency is emphasized heavily at every site, large and small.


By creating one program with one defined SOP and creating communication tools across all of the retailer’s stores, Heritage was able to create cohesion. Supporting this cohesion is one single point of contact across all stores, uniting small and large sites. We have also developed several customized solutions for unique items. Heritage has also supported this retailer with onsite audits and reports back to the corporate program managers for best practice implementation.


Since acquiring the first contact and meeting for the first time, Heritage has helped the retailer better their waste transportation and disposal process. The retailer understood this is Heritage’s core business and entrusted us to ensure we provided a model that would run smoothly, seamlessly, safely, and compliantly. Due to the fostered relationship, Heritage continues to serve this retailer today and not a since Notice of Violation has been received.


Big box stores in 49 states and U.S. territories


Nationwide program operations