Why Heritage?

Environmental Compliance The Way It Should Be – Totally Transparent

When it comes to safe and compliant disposal, the Heritage approach is visibly different. We invite you to check out our state-of-the-art facilities and see for yourself. We make sure our people are highly visible – and easily reachable – as they deliver your solution. (You’ll also find you’re quickly dealing with our decision makers without having to navigate through a complex organization.) We make waste services activity and reporting visibly easy and convenient with our expert data management systems.


EIS/IS2 Users


Workflow notifications making business run at the speed of the internet

10 %

Average year-over-year improvements in safety statistics for 12 years and running

206,250 +

Paper documents replaced with EIS/IS2 e-mails in 2016

Compliance You Can See

Data management has never been easier or faster. With the Heritage Environmental Information System, you get a clear picture of exactly where all of your wastestreams are today and where they’re going tomorrow. Manage with more precision. Know every time. Get the tools you need from Heritage.

Visibility Is Not A Part Of The Process – It Is The Process

No matter your wastestream, no matter the volume, your environmental services must be based on a foundation of trust. At Heritage, we don’t just rely on our record, we open up our operations, our employees, even executives to every single customer. The result is a higher level of customer service– true support with the utmost transparency.

Reporting Shouldn‘t Be Hard Work – Now It Isn’t

With the Heritage Environmental Information System (EIS) and Heritage International Sustainability Solutions (IS2) systems, your reporting is managed for you. We collect data– in any language– and centralize it all in one view that can be exported– in any language– to make your compliance simple, easy and effective. So if you are required to file annual hazardous waste generation reports, contribute to company sustainability reports, or simply want to track waste and byproduct activities and costs — we have you covered.

Heritage is world class in these ways: technical knowledge and support – especially my sales rep, handling most of the workload in the profiling process, providing detailed info for annual haz waste reports – this is incredibly helpful, drivers are very helpful, and the online management website is very helpful …

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