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Second e-Manifest Update

June 30, 2018 is the effective date for EPA’s Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System (e-Manifest), but at that time nothing will change for you.  Just this week, EPA launched a special software testing event, 60 days before the actual go-live date.  Heritage will be participating in this testing event. After reviewing the compliance options and […]

Avoid Hazardous Waste Generator Violations in 10 Simple Steps

We first distributed this blog in November of 2014, but it has continued to be helpful and useful and wanted to share it with you again! Hazardous waste generators are under constant scrutiny to avoid violating regulations set by RCRA as well as national and state government. In order to help you avoid any potential […]

Importance of Industrial Maintenance

What Is Industrial Maintenance? Industrial Maintenance is a combination of regular housekeeping, preventative, episodic, and emergency cleaning of equipment and work areas in a manufacturing or other industrial setting. Maintenance personnel are typically responsible for making sure your equipment is functioning properly and efficiently at all times. By keeping equipment properly running, you improve the […]


The Clean Air Regulation for Hazardous Waste Incinerators: While it makes good sense for people and industry to reduce, reuse or recycle waste, there will always be residuals, byproducts and spent materials that must be disposed of in compliance with the nation’s hazardous waste disposal rules and requirements. Whether landfill or incineration, disposal facilities must […]

Benton Chamber of Commerce Banquet

BENTON, Arkansas – Heritage attended the 2018 Benton Chamber of Commerce Banquet.  At the banquet, we were able to present Rineco Scholarship to the 4 recipients.  In addition, at the Benton Chamber of Commerce Banquet, Mitch Albom was the guest speaker.  He is an internationally renowned author, screenwriter, playwright, nationally syndicated columnist, broadcaster and musician.  […]

E-Manifest Update

As many of you are aware, effective June 30th of this year, EPA will launch an electronic manifest (e-Manifest) system.  This is a centralized, EPA-operated software platform to record all hazardous waste manifest activity.  Rest assured that Heritage has been diligently participating in the implementation process.  Our primary goal, dictated by our core value of “Safe […]

PPE Levels of Protection

In honor of our first HAZWOPER training for the year this past week, we want to take this opportunity to reshare a popular article we originally posted in January of 2016. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect the body against contact with known or anticipated chemical hazards has been divided into four levels. These levels have […]

Innovative Solutions for Challenging Zero Waste to Landfill Facilities

Heritage takes pride in our ability to recognize innovative opportunities that can be leveraged to help our customer’s reach their sustainability goals.  As we continue to successfully transition many customer facilities into Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWLF) status, the task remains challenging where we encounter sites with smaller volumes, limited space for containers, and locations […]

Lab Packing

Easy to Use, Complete Technical Waste Disposal Service Whether you work in a lab, research facility, or are a small generator, you may have small chemical containers needing disposed. Accumulating different chemicals can be overwhelming because there can be uncertainty about how to dispose of each chemical, hazardous or non-hazardous. Using a lab pack service […]