Research and Development

There is a reason Heritage is so knowledgeable when dealing with by-products from many different manufacturing processes. That’s because Research and Development has always been a significant strategic part of Heritage Environmental Services. Other Heritage Group companies include petroleum, refining, asphalt product, highway construction, and mining. From the beginning, our considerable pool of chemists, engineers and geologists have focused on sustainability, dedicating research efforts to reuse and recycles options that benefit not only the environmental management needs of our customers, but the needs of our society and our planet.

For more than 25 years, Heritage Research Group has not only found ways to better stabilize wastes, but to find highly innovative solutions for turning spent soaps into asphalt emulsions, the reuse of non-hazardous waters in emulsions for coal, the recovery of indium metal for plasma televisions screens and the recovery of soybean gum for bio-fuel uses, just to mention a few. Heritage Research Group has been the engine driving this type of innovation along with the opportunity to work with so many companies and study their by-products.