Sustainability is the Foundation of our Success

Transparency via Corporate Sustainability Reporting

In August 2011, Heritage announced the creation of a dedicated internal sustainability program and began the journey toward annual corporate sustainability reporting. Although conducting sustainable business was an old practice for Heritage, sharing our internal actions with the motive of transparency is new.

Since the program's inception, new emphasis has been given to the Carbon Disclosure Project and documenting our assessment of how climate change may impact our business. Heritage has selected the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as the methodology to share our historic efforts and continuous improvement programs. Additionally, our efforts to garner the EPA Smart Way Transporter status prompts us to specifically reduce our carbon footprint through fleet improvements that touch every customer site we visit.

People, Planet, Profit and Patrons

In developing the framework for our sustainability program, Heritage considered its long standing internally published Business Principles and publically shared Objectives. It quickly became clear to us that the triple bottom line was not enough and did not assure materiality context for our organization. The Heritage sustainability initiative, known as "Preserving our Heritage" includes four pillars: People, Planet, Profit and Patrons. Seeking innovation through significant investments in Research and Development is part of our culture. Our success in inventing and fostering new ways to turn waste into feedstock materials and improving the waste aspects of our Patron's sustainability efforts is materially significant to our business.

Assuring our employees, contractors, and the communities where we work are not harmed is ingrained in our culture  -- safety and environmental compliance above all else.  And, improving the environment within our control puts a smile on our face.  Check out our wildlife habitat in East Liverpool, Ohio and watch for updates on our Habitat Preservation Area in Roachdale, IN where we recently planted 10,000 trees and preserved 122 acres in perpetuity to help the cause of the endangered species known as the Indiana Bat.  Every Heritage location has green team members known as “Green Eyed Ps” who promote employee engagement and continuous improvements in all we do. 

A History of Sustainability

Heritage has forged a path for the new breed of environmental companies who now focus on sustainable solutions. While others focused on best available technologies, Heritage has always looked to the future, creating new solutions, innovative approaches, cost-efficient programs and better technologies – all to preserve our children's heritage. Our 45 years of experience with a sustainability culture is what puts us head and shoulders above this new breed of environmental companies.

From our comprehensive services to industry changing research, we have actually created entirely new companies around our organically developed and grown technologies; companies that have not only created new jobs, but also embrace sustainability to ensure a better quality of life for everyone now and for generations to come.


People - Planet- Profit- Patrons