Treatment and Disposal

Indianapolis Treatment Facility

For companies that generate hazardous materials during their day-to-day activities, knowing that those materials will be safely and efficiently treated and disposed can be a major weight off their shoulders.  At Heritage Environmental Services, we aim to lift that weight.  Our RCRA TSD facilities offer a comprehensive line of environmental services for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes generated by private industries and public organizations.


What waste treatment and disposal services do Heritage facilities provide? 

Our RCRA TSD facilities specialize in treatment of inorganic heavy metal contaminated wastewaters such as acids, caustics, and cyanides. We stabilize heavy metals in soils, filtercakes, sludges, and air pollution control dusts. We also provide encapsulation of heavy metal contaminated debris, reclamation of mercury, and recycling of organics for fuels blending.  Also see our Landfill and Incineration pages for more details on how we manage those materials.


In addition to directly managing the materials above, Heritage also operates a very strict third party audit program to identify and assess other service providers that match our commitment to safety, environmental compliance, and financial security.  By partnering with these select service providers, Heritage can provide a one stop shop for our customers, and manage the service delivery of all or select materials.  Examples of the materials we can manage for our customers include non-hazardous incineration, non-hazardous oil recycling and electronics recycling.


Why choose Heritage for your waste treatment and disposal needs?

Our raison d'etre is to turn big challenges into even bigger opportunities and we do this all while maintaining our focus on protecting human health and the environment, safety, and continual innovation.  In all of our secondary material management activities we follow the hierarchy of prevention first, reclamation or reuse second, detoxification and treatment third, and disposal last.  When you choose Heritage, you’re choosing to be a part of this hierarchy, and as such a member of our continued history of innovation.


Getting your waste to Heritage

We accept waste in all standard collection containers:  buckets, drums, totes, bulk tanker, and rail cars. You can arrange your own transportation or we can take care of that for you.  Heritage Transport moves waste with an extensive fleet consisting of rail intermodal, tanker, van trailer, dump, and roll-off equipment across the continental U.S.

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