For companies that generate waste, and hazardous waste in particular, it is of paramount importance that the waste is transported to its next step (be that storage or treatment) within regulatory time frames. Heritage Transport, LLC operates an extensive fleet consisting of rail, tanker, trailer and roll-off equipment that services the continental U.S. to facilitate the timely transports of such materials.  Our wide array of nationwide logistic capabilities includes the transportation of both non-hazardous and hazardous materials and wastes via full truckload and less than truckload (LTL).

Heritage Rail Containers


How will Heritage logistics help with your waste?

We operate a national routing system that utilizes 50 separate routes across the country, running every 3-6 weeks for LTL routes.  This assures pickups for generators are within regulatory limits and utilizes Heritage’s network of 10-day transfer facilities to assist in the movement of materials.  Our logistical capabilities include:

  • A nationwide transportation network including vehicles and rail and marine resources,
  • An extensive national route system for LTL,
  • Ability to transport large volume bulk solid streams,
  • Bulk capabilities including vacuum trucks, tankers, dump trailers, roll-offs and specialty equipment,
  • Rail logistics: planning, rail management, equipment and personnel for intermodal services, and
  • Waste transported in safe, compliant and efficient manner.

What assets does Heritage have to help transport waste effectively?

The ever growing Heritage Transport fleet (which includes road and rail vehicles) and team currently includes:

  • 77 highly experienced drivers with an average of 9 years with Heritage,
  • 215 Power units (primarily over the road tractors – both sleepers and day cabs), but also includes:
    • 32 x 24 ft. box trucks
    • 18 high velocity air handlers (wet/dry vacs)
  • 300 Van trailers – 28 ft. to 53 ft. (lift gate service available upon request)
  • 60 end-dump trailers
  • 42 roll-off chassis and 300 roll-off boxes
  • Tank trailers for bulk liquids
    • 12 FRP (fiberglass) vacuum acid tanks
    • 16 carbon steel vacuum tankers
    • 46 stainless steel vacuum trailers
  • 6 pneumatic 1,500 cubic foot dry bulk tanks for bulk (powder) solids
  • 150 Articulated ABC flatcars and 1,200 intermodal containers
  • 1200 open-top intermodal containers
    • 20 ft. in length, 8 ft. wide, and 6.5ft. tall
    • 28 cubic yard capacity
    • Polypropylene tarped containers

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