Environmental Laboratory Services

From1974 until 2013, Heritage employees delivered high quality, defensible analytical services to regulated industries, consultants and regulators.  Whether for protection of the environment or ensuring product safety, Heritage understands the importance of quality and timely results. 

Effective October 1, 2013, Heritage established an alliance with Pace Analytical.  As long term partners, Heritage and Pace are working together to offer services throughout the United States, while identifying ways we can provide the highest quality service and analytical results to our individual, mutual, and prospective customers. All while assisting the client to solve its environmental analytical needs and challenges. Heritage believes this is a win-win solution, and we are pleased to work closely with Pace Analytical for many years to come. 


Since 1978, Pace Analytical has provided comprehensive analytical testing and emergency disaster response services to a broad range of clients, markets and industries. Today, Pace Analytical is recognized as the industry’s second largest environmental testing firm in the United States, operating a nationwide network of twenty laboratories, four specialty services laboratories and twenty service centers. Pace prides itself in providing both national and local coverage with exceptional service, legally defensible data, and convenient and reliable online data management. Pace’s specialty analytical services include air toxics, vapor intrusion, biota analysis, sediment testing, dioxin/furan analysis, drinking water analysis, UCMR-3 testing, radiochemistry and now forensics.

See the full Pace press release in their news section here.