Emerging Chemicals of Concern and Micro Pollutants

ECCs or Emerging Chemicals of Concern are chemicals that are gaining in attention from both scientists and the public due to their toxicity, are found to be persistent in the environment and/ or building up in living tissue. The EPA is currently working on their list of CoCs and is beginning a process that may lead to regulations to reduce human risk The recent reports on Endocrine disruptors include chemicals in this category which can have affects at the parts per trillion levels. While some of these chemicals have well-established analytical methods for identification and quantification, others may require advanced techniques and instrumentation developed to fit a particular product. Included as part of our platform of capabilities are several research grade tools to isolate and quantify these chemicals. Whatever your needs Heritage Environmental Services has the full complement of state of the art equipment and skilled staff to meet your needs.
A list of Micro Pollutants and Emerging chemicals includes:

  • Endocrine Disruptors  - Estrone, Estriol
  • Pharmaceuticals – acetaminophen, caffeine, ibuprofen, trimethoprin, sulfamethoxazole
  • Personal Care Products – synthetic musk scents
  • Pesticides - atrazine, triclosan, dianzinon, carbaryl
  • Detergents - nonylphenols
  • Steroids – cholesterol, coprostanol
  • Plasticizers and Plastics – ethanol, 2-butoxy-phosphate, bisphenol-A, pthalic anhydride
  • Others – Perchlorates, Arsenic, Brominated flame retardants, Pharm waste