Industrial Cleaning

For over 20 years Heritage has built an unchallenged reputation for safe industrial cleaning capabilities. Cost-efficiencies, turnkey solutions, and innovative strategies are hallmarks of Heritage's offerings. Whether it is industrial maintenance cleaning, emergency response, or decontamination, Heritage has advanced, trained personnel, dependable equipment, and an unmatched industry safety record. That’s why our clients say we’re the best environmental services company.

  • Emergency Response (OPA and non-OPA regulated)
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning
  • Rigid and flex lances as well as multiple gun tip attachments which allow cleaning of various lines, sewers, heat exchanger systems, and other applications
  • Mobile grate/floor cleaning equipment, which utilizes several spinning nozzles to clean paint booth grating and floors while minimizing overspray in and outside the work zone
  • Capability of utilizing two waterblast guns simultaneously from one waterblast unit using multi-gun valve splitters

1988 | Parts Washer Service

Many parts washers use mineral spirits, which once used are characteristically hazardous due to flash point. This required manifesting the mineral spirits for disposal or recycling. Heritage developed a parts washer service, which is exempt from RCRA because the mineral spirits are used as a direct replacement for new mineral spirits in a product. As a result of this, there is no need for manifesting.