As the nation's premier privately-held, environmental services company, Heritage is involved in every aspect of waste management, what the company calls the hierarchy of waste management: prevention; reuse; deconstruction; detoxification and treatment; and disposal. First and foremost, Heritage is a solutions company, offering customers quality management services, innovation, and a safety/compliance mindset. To ensure the company meets its own rigid requirements, in addition to state regulations concerning the disposal of chemical waste, Heritage owns and operates five TSDFs and two landfills.

Through a fleet of 150 trucks, rail and marine resources, Heritage has an extensive national network of transportation so no matter where your company is located in the continental United States, we can ensure complete transportation and logistic services for full compliance.

Furthermore, Heritage provides onsite service programs for managing any client's environmental service needs, including an environmental assistance program and a design, build, own and operate program. As a Total Solutions company, we have the capability, the equipment and the trained personnel to manage any of your unique environmental needs.