Chemical Waste Packing and Disposal

Lab Pack Waste Disposal Services

Our Chemical Pack Programs are managed by highly trained field chemist crews to inventory, characterize, segregate and package off-spec, out-of-date, and unknown chemicals in quantities of five gallons or less. They are then packaged and prepared for shipment, meeting all regulatory and labeling requirements, including manifesting and providing any other necessary shipping documents. Based on generator preference, the waste is either removed the same day or scheduled for pick up at a later date.

When performing Lab Packs, Heritage always utilizes the largest container allowable by law, thereby avoiding minimums and additional shipping and handling costs which is just another way we look to save our customers money.

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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Services

Heritage also provides labor, equipment and management services for community and industry employee household hazardous waste collection events. The events, sponsored by municipalities, state agencies, and industrial clients, provide for various household cleaners, waste oils, herbicides, pesticides and other small quantities of household wastes to be disposed of in a safe and legal method.

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