Heritage Transport Receives Smartway Certification From the Environmental Protection Agency

August 19, 2010 Indianapolis, IN | Heritage Transport, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heritage Environmental Services, LLC was recently issued its SmartWay Certification from the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) as a qualified transportation partner. This greatly sought after certification is issued only to those transporters who demonstrate their commitment to reducing fuel consumption, which not only protects the environment but can also improve a company’s bottom line. 

During the 2009 request for proposal process to replace class 7 and 8 vehicles in our transportation fleet, the Heritage management team implemented our commitment to the EPA program by developing vehicle specifications designed to minimize emissions while also improving driver comforts. The power sources selected by Heritage included the 13-Liter Volvo and 15-Liter Cummins engines which are both equipped with SCR technology (diesel particulate filters/diesel emissions fluid injection systems). Additionally, Heritage elected to utilize APU’s (auxiliary power units) on all sleeper tractors to eliminate idle time during driver rest periods; these units feature battery powered systems which do not require operation of the internal combustion engine to create energy for cab comforts.

After developing the specifications with the engineers of the two manufactures, Dean DeSantis, President of Heritage Transport commented, “these units are the best in class for which a transporter can buy and operate on America’s highways”.  In 2010 the EPA mandated that all trucks over 26,001 lb GVW built and sold in the US will reduce NOX gases and improve the air quality. “We are happy with the product and its functionality” said DeSantis, while these units have been in service since January 2010. “The reduction in fuel consumption as well as improved power, in addition to the environmental benefits has prompted Heritage to declare our efforts a success.”

About Heritage Environmental Services:

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC is one of the country's largest full-service environmental firms. Headquartered in Indianapolis and with locations throughout the United States, Heritage is a company that has been providing sustainable solutions for some of yesterday's and today's most challenging environmental problems since 1970. Heritage works with companies across many industries, offering a variety of services such as waste treatment & disposal, a nationwide transportation network, laboratory testing, industrial maintenance, lab pack, product recovery, product manufacturing and byproduct management.