Heritage and EMD Millipore Announce Recycling Partnership

Recycling Program First of Its Kind For Water Purification Cartridges

By combining the innovative cultures and
customer-centered services of each of our
environmentally responsible companies,
we're able to provide Millipore lab water
purification users with a unique opportunity
to benefit from a sustainable solution related
to daily lab activities.

In September, EMD Millipore, a global company known for its pore-size filters and tests for bioscience applications, launched ech2o, the first collection and recycling program of its kind for laboratory water purification cartridges.

Developed in partnership with Heritage, ech2o allows EMD Millipore's U.S. customers to send used cartridges for dismantling, segregation of components and recycling of those components when feasible.

Heritage's dedicated team, innovative solutions, commitment to quality and compliance and customized programs led to EMD Millipore's decision to partner with us. This unique program assures traceability and proper management through our internal systems, mail back program and recycling facility in Iowa.

"Traceability is the underlying principle of the program," EMD Millipore said in announcing the program.

"It begins with user identification via the EMD Millipore website, increases with barcode identification of the cartridge during transport and continues right up to the auditable Heritage waste management site where cartridges are recycled."

As companies continue to grow their sustainability initiatives, Heritage is emerging as the leader in the industry, partnering with our customers to provide solutions for environmental challenges.

For more about this partnership, please read the EMD Millipore news release at: http://www.millipore.com/content-page.do?db=corporate/press.nsf&id=pressrelease_10062011