Asphalt Shingle Recycling Program in Fort Wayne, IN

Turning Roofs Into Roads

Tear off shingles prior to being processed through
a grinder. Before the shingles can be processed all
debris must be removed.

Heritage Environmental has expanded its asphalt shingle recycling program to include a new drop off location for shingles. The newest program was recently started in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is the sixth asphalt shingle recycling program that Heritage has started in a U.S. city since 2009.

Speaking about the newest shingle recycling program, Rodney Pierce, Director of Sustainable Solutions at Heritage said, "Our shingle recycling programs are designed to provide roofing contractors with a beneficial and cost effective alternative to disposing of tear-off shingles in landfills."

Heritage Environmental takes old asphalt shingles and grinds them up so that they can then be used to pave local roads, which directly benefits local businesses and the local economy. The product can be reintroduced into road paving projects due to the high asphalt content in the shingles.

"There are over 10 million tons of tear-off shingles that go to landfill each year. What this program enables us to do is to reclaim wasted materials and create a valuable product," said Pierce.

Heritage has five other shingle recycling programs started in several U.S. cities. They include: Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Denver and Minneapolis. A seventh program is expected to start up in Nashville, Tennessee in the near future. For more information about Heritage's recycling program for shingles, visit the asphalt shingle recycling page on their website.

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