Industry Overview

Heritage has over 35 years of experience and success working with companies across a wide range of industries resulting in successful sustainable stories. We offer comprehensive services, industry-changing R&D solutions and innovative methods. It is our goal to be your trusted partner, providing a single source for the resolution of every environmental challenge and concern.

  • Petroleum
  • Steel
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Heritage offers the following services to petroleum pipelines and terminals:

Heritage supplies the following services to petroleum terminals:

Heritage supplies the following services to the steel industry:

Heritage patented a process for stabilizing K061 Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) dust. We used this technology for years to de-list the EAF dust, allowing it to go to our non-hazardous landfill at a reduced cost to the customer. EAF dust is the largest, listed solid hazardous waste in the U.S., approaching one million tons per year. The current method, at the time, for treating EAF dust, involved landfilling or partially recycling the EAF dust. Since neither of these two options were viable or sustainable solutions, Heritage was determined to find ways to recover valuable metals out of the EAF dust and recycle/reuse 100% of the EAF dust.

Then, about two years ago, Heritage patented a process and built a demonstration plant to prove that the dust could be 100% recycled. The benefit of the Heritage PIZO (Pig Iron Zinc Oxide) process is that it converts generators' waste into viable products. Heritage's PIZO Process also removes generators from the RCRA liability of EAF dust.

View the video on the left to learn more about the PIZO Process (Pig Iron Zinc Oxide), or visit for more information. Or see another Green Story: Safe Roads- Steel Slag Use.

Heritage supplies the following services to the chemical industry:

Heritage supplies the following services to the chemical industry:

Heritage supplies the following services to the pharmaceutical industry:

Heritage supplies the following services to the manufacturing industry:

You may have heard of the Japanese car manufacturer who had the very first auto assembly plant to achieve zero landfill status in the United States. But did you know — it was Heritage Environmental that developed the process and implemented the programs at the auto plant?  The manufacturer’s goal was to achieve zero landfill status within five years— we helped them achieve their goal within two! Before Heritage became involved, twenty-three compacted loads of refuse went to landfill each month.  Today, nothing from manufacturing goes to landfill. Everything from lug nuts to solvents are re-used on site. Tires are shredded to be used as playground mulch. Packaging materials are used again and again. There is absolutely no waste. The little that cannot be reused is shipped to a cogeneration plant to produce clean forms of energy.

Heritage offers a unique list of customized service programs to the retail industry for the management of non-viable materials:

Heritage meets retail needs by: 

  • Assuring regulatory requirements are met
  • Offering customized service delivery & standardization at all locations
  • Dedication to sustainability through innovations & improved management practices

Pharmaceutical Programs

Incineration Capabilities

  • Compliantly manage bulk chemotherapy, mixed infectious, pharmaceutical and other hazardous waste for destruction
  • Heritage-WTI: RCRA Part-B & Mixed Infectious Hazardous Waste (MIHW) permitted
  • DEA controlled substance witness burns